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Conference Blog: Rights, Forests and Climate Change

The program I work for, CAPRi, is supporting the Rights and Resources Initiative and the Rainforest Network Norway in the organization of an international conference on rights, forests and climate change in Oslo next week.

To give our network members, who cannot participate in person, a chance to hear and be heard we created a conference blog at www.rightsandclimate.org. The blog will thus not only serve as the knowledge repository where we post background information, presentations, sessions summaries, short interviews etc., but we hope that it will generate a side discussion as well.

The conference blogs Climate and Health Challenge Dialogue (great idea to post arguments in the form of short quotes) and Taking Action for the World’s Poor and Hungry People (thanks to Pete for sharing his experience in running that blog) helped a lot in preparing this event. An invaluable tip by Beth Kanter is to use a blogging software to be less vulnerable to failing connections.

Let us know if you have any other tips, dos or donts for us and if you are interested in the topic make sure you check out the conference blog and leave comment.


Learning in a controlling environment

Thanks to Maxim’s comment on our about page I just discovered the following video. It is about education and the way we structure learning. Working for a research institute and more generally in an industry the main product of which is knowledge, all these same points apply to the creative potential of our organizations as well.

One very telling quote from the video:

For the last hundred years we have used the industrial narrative. Schools are like factories, it’s an administrative process, it’s about control and order.