Another Starter Move: Social Bookmarking

After blogging about Chris Brogan’s 5 starter moves to engage with social media yesterday, I started preparing a session on collaboration tools for our division retreat, and realized that he had not talked about social bookmarking.

Promoting the use of online bookmarking services (such as is in my opinion another good way to introduce people to social media. It does not require any commitment to engage with others, just as listening, and allows one to get a couple of immediate benefits. First, using an online bookmarking service allows you to easily access the same favorites from multiple computers. Integration with different browsers allows offline access as well. Second, tagging allows for easy organization of the bookmarks and for discovery of others’ favorites in a given topic (another way of listening).

The most important benefit for me, however, was that as soon as I started using social bookmarking with others, I saw a drop in emails – no more “check this out” or “you might find this interesting” emails, which are usually followed by several back and forths commenting on the page that was shared!

How do you collaborate on social bookmarking services within your team for example? You can subscribe to each other’s rss feed, join each others networks or decide on a joint tag for a specific project or initiative. Additionally, you are not only sharing information but the list you create together has an rss feed that can be displayed anywhere on the internet.

The most popular service is, but I personally am using diigo more and more. It allows you to create multiple groups of people (you can only have one network in and also supports annotations and highlighting of text on the bookmarked page. I don’t even have to give up my network on since diigo allows me to automatically submit all my bookmarks to several other services.


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